Monday, June 29, 2015

Return to PKA

I was so excited when we stepped off from the plane in Anchorage on May 5. The thrill of being back in Alaska energized me, even though we were a little sleep deprived from the night before in Chicago. Within a couple of hours, we had stopped for a late at the Spenard Road House, which has become one of our regular choices in Anchorage, and we were in our hotel room.

Alice had been great throughout the flight, despite the fact that she had slept only a little. But now, our little Kusko girl was tired out. It was only five o clock local time, but she had had all that she could take. Crash!

In the meantime, I had dropped the word on Facebook that we were in town. I learned that some village friends were there, too. After a few exchanged messages, there was a soft knock at our door. It was our friends Alex and Jolene, along with the younger of their two sons. Their visit provided a warm welcome back home.

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